School is the most important part of college and it is a very large part of the Greek experience at the University of Utah. To be in a fraternity and a sorority you have to meet a certain GPA requirement, which helps you stay motivated and get good grades. U of U Greeks currently have a higher cumulative GPA than non-affiliated members. Being in a sorority also helps with academics because you have sisters to study with and people to tutor you. It is a great way to help you focus on time management and doing well in school. 


Community Engagement

The University of Utah Greek Community is made up of 19 organizations. We strive to create high quality, positive Greek experiences for everyone involved. Whether it is working together as chapters to promote Greek Life as a whole, or working with the rest of the University of Utah community to continuously improve our campus, we love connecting with our community. Our chapters work hard to connect with their philanthropies (some local and some national) by donating their time and money. Our sororities work with causes like The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, NAMI Utah, Make a Wish, Service for Sight, Read>Lead>Achieve, Women's Heart Health and more. We know that when we work together towards common goals, anything is possible.



Greek students are some of the most involved students on the campus. They are leaders in organizations like the Business Scholars, Her Campus Utah, The Bennion Center, ASUU, UPC and more. One of the best things about Greek Life is meeting other students who share common

interests and inspire you to join new clubs and organizations. Our

members are also involved in intermural sports to stay active during their time in college. We pride ourselves on being involved on campus and encourage all of our members to do so.


Lifelong Membership

When you join a sorority people often say, "It's not just four years,

it's for life". This definitely rings true in our community and

beyond. A large element of Greek Life is brotherhood/sisterhood.

Sisterhood means that the members of your chapter are there for you no matter what. It is a bond that goes deeper than friendship that is tied together by ritual, relationships, and common values. Our network as sorority women is vast; it extends further than our 850 women community and connects us to thousands of women around the world. Being a member of a sorority is special and helps build connections in

college and for the rest of your life.