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q: What is a sorority?

A Sorority is a group of undergraduate women who share common values and are bound by an everlasting friendship (We call sisterhood). Together, we strengthen our community with our philanthropic, scholastic, and leadership efforts.  

q: Why should I join a sorority?

During the best four years of your life, joining a sorority will help you grow as a student, individual, and leader. You will be immersed in a diverse community who share common values in life. While making life long memories and friendships, you will be driven to be the best version of yourself. With countless leadership opportunities, service involvement, and scholastic achievement Sorority life is hard to beat. 

q: What is panhellenic?

The National Panhellenic Conference is an umbrella organization for 26 national sororities. It was established in 1902 "to assist collegiate and alumnae chapters of the NPC member organizations in cooperating with colleges and universities and to foster interfraternal relationships." Their motto is "Advancing the Sorority Experience Together". 

q: is a sorority expensive?

Each Sorority has dues that you pay every semester as a new member and active member. During Formal Recruitment, chapters will disclose their financial commitment before offering a bid. Dues can include: house fees, philanthropy events, sisterhood events, date nights, formals, and more. 

q: What is the time commitment?

Participating in any extracurricular activity always requires an investment of one's time. Research has shown that involved college students are more likely to graduate and they report greater satisfaction with their college experience if they were involved. Through Greek involvement, your student will learn how to balance academics, work, campus involvement, and social commitments. The time commitment varies from chapter to chapter, but the first semester will likely be one of the busiest times.  After initiation, expectations vary, but each chapter has weekly required meetings as well as other mandatory events (community service, initiation, etc.) that are scheduled well in advance.  As with any commitment, the more time your student is able to put into being involved in their chapter, the more they will get out of the experience. 

q: What role does alcohol play?

Alcohol abuse is unhealthy and inconsistent with fraternity ideals.  All fraternities and sororities are expected to uphold state and city laws in addition to university, fraternity/sorority, and IFC/MGC/PHC governing council policies regarding consumption of alcohol.  Each organization has strict rules regarding alcohol for social events, consumption of alcohol by underage members and guests.  Today's fraternities and sororities strive to promote responsibility concerning alcohol consumption. 

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