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Your 2022 Panhellenic Council is absolutely ECSTATIC to meet you and serve you!! This year is going to be full of change, excitement, and joy, and we are determined to make this year the best it can be for all of the women this organization represents and to create a welcoming home for all of the women curious about us. We promise to serve, love, and celebrate all of the women within the Panhellenic community. Spread Panhellenic Love!


Olivia, Chloe, Abbigail, Rachel, Conlee, Kai & Kate


Panhellenic President
Olivia Haddadin


VP of Social Responsibility & Operations

Chloe Nash


VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Conlee Dull


VP of Recruitment: Chapter Relations

Abbigail Nelson


VP of Recruitment: Recruitment Guides

Rachel Kraut


VP of Membership Development

Kai Pruyn

VP of Marketing

Kate Nichols


Once your time on Panhellenic Council is over, how do you hope to have affected our community? 

After my term on Panhellenic I hope to have brought the community closer! I hope I encouraged growth and provided opportunities for member development, bonding, and discussion. 

— Kai Pruyn, VP of Membership Development

“I hope to have had a positive impact not only on individuals, but on our Panhellenic community as a whole. I would like to see our community grow in diversity, numbers, and fulfilling experiences.”

— Olivia Haddadin, Panhellenic President

I hope to support efforts to make the greek community safer for all people by supporting efforts to reduce risk through education and collaboration. I also want to increase Panhellenic spirit and love throughout the entire community.

— Chloe Nash, VP of Social Responsibility & Operations

“I hope after my time as an officer is over I hope that our community will feel more educated and empowered to talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion and make change.”

— Conlee Dull, VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

"I hope that members can reflect on Recruitment of 2022 in a positive light. I hope to have brought the community together in a new and exciting way, that we all may know eachother better! I hope through the recruitment process every member in the community feels valued and appreciated by their chapter and the individuals in them!"

— Abbigail Nelson, VP of Recruitment: Chapter Relations

"When I am finished with council, I hope to have affected out community in only positive ways. I hope that through recruitment and Rho Gamma training, I can help our community will be more open minded, more compassionate, and have more Panhellenic love!"

— Rachel Kraut, VP of Recruitment: Recruitment Guides

"During my time as VP of marketing, I hope to build a brand that is impactful, positive, and purposeful. Meant to encourage the women we represent to seek new ways to be better people. I hope to spread Panhellenic love always. Peach & Love!

— Kate Nichols, VP of Marketing

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