VP Recruitment

Chapter Relations 

Bailey O'Brien


Tustin, California

Favorite color? 

Pink ​





Hanging with my ladies in the Greek Office! 

Favorite Panhellenic Memory? 

Being a Rho Gamma! 

Favorite quote? 

"Life is tough, but so are you." ​

Favorite music genre? 


Why did you go through recruitment? 

I went through recruitment to meet and make friends that I know will last a lifetime.

Why did you decide to apply for Panhellenic Council? 

I had an amazing time as a Rho Gamma, and I wanted to continue my work with Panhellenic Council!

What's your walkout song? 

Good Life by Kanye West ​

Favorite ice cream flavor? 

Chocolate ​

Once your time on Panhellenic Council is over, how do you hope to have affected our community? 

I hope to have strengthened the bond that our Panhellenic community has, and created a loving space for everyone!

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