University of Utah Panhellenic

Accountability Tracker

Last Updated: November 15th, 2021

The University of Utah Panhellenic accountability tracker is designed to ensure the goals and EDI initiatives of our Panhellenic organizations and Panhellenic executive council and to set the standard for our community. It was created in Spring 2021 and finalized in Fall 2021 after careful deliberation of the feedback and needs of our community. The focus is to encourage review of outdated policies at both chapter and national levels. This document will be updated each month with the collaboration from the Panhellenic VP EDI, Panhellenic Council, chapter EDI chairs, and EDI professionals, as well as feedback from the community. It is the hope that ongoing Panhellenic executives will contribute to this tracker to strengthen community support.

(This document is inspired by Panhellenic campus EDI initiatives nation-wide and the NPC standards)

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